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Since graduating from RADA in 2005, Andrew Buchan has been a regular on television screens, appearing in a number of award winning dramas. His upcoming projects promise to firmly establish him as a one of the most widely respected British actors working today, with several exciting roles on the horizon.

In July 2014, Andrew will be seen starring in THE HONORABLE WOMAN for SundanceTV. Andrew will play ‘Ephra Stein’, starring opposite Maggie Gyllenhaal’s ‘Nessa Stein’ who, as a young girl, witnessed the assassination of her father by the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. Now in her thirties, ‘Nessa’ is at the forefront of the Middle East peace process, and finds herself under the close scrutiny of Whitehall and the Secret Intelligence Service. The eagerly awaited new drama by BAFTA award winning writer/director Hugo Blick will have its global premiere on the opening day of the international MIP TV market in April and the gripping eight-part series will air on BBC Two in the UK on 3rd July and on Sundance TV in the US.

Andrew has just finished filming The Great Fire, inspired by the real events of 1666. Andrew portrays baker ‘Thomas Farriner’, in whose shop the fire first began on 2nd September 1666, in the four part miniseries follows the stories of historical and fictional characters living in London at the time. The drama is written by Tom Bradby (political editor of ‘ITN’ and author of ‘Shadow Dancer’) and the narrative unfolds over four consecutive days as the fire takes hold of the city and the people desperately attempt to overcome the flames amid a threat to the monarchy. Rose Leslie, Daniel Mays and Jack Huston also star and the series will be broadcast on ITV 1 in autumn 2014, date tbc.

Next, Andrew will start work on the second series of award-winning crime drama series Broadchurch for ITV 1. Andrew reprises the character of ‘Mark Latimer’, the father of murdered ‘Danny Latimer’, whose killing and the subsequent hunt for his murderer comprised the storyline of series one. Written by Chris Chibnall, the first series was aired in March 2013 and became one of the biggest television hits of the year. Set in the fictional coastal town of ‘Broadchurch’, a close knit community is devastated by the murder of one of their own, and the crime investigated by two traumatised police officers played by David Tennant and Olivia Colman. The series won three BAFTA awards in May 2014, including the award for ‘Best Drama’ and is currently being adapted for US network FOX.

Andrew first caught the industry’s attention in 2007 playing ‘Scott Foster’ in BBC Two political television series Party Animals about the young researchers and advisors working behind the scenes at Westminster. 2007 also saw Andrew take on the role of ‘Jem Hearne’ in Cranford, in which he starred alongside an impressive cast including Dame Judi Dench, Eileen Atkins and Imelda Staunton. Other notable television credits include: ‘St. John Rivers’ in BBC One’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Jane Eyre(2006), starring Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens; ‘William Garrow’, the main protagonist in popular BBC drama Garrow’s Law (2009-2011), written by Tony Marchant, about the birth of the justice system in the late 18th Century; ‘Thomas Mortimer’ in historical drama The Sinking Of The Laconia (2010) and ITV crime drama The Fixer (2008-2009) in which Andrew played ‘John Mercer’, a deep thinker who becomes a killer through a terrible chain of events.

Coupled with his theatrical training, Andrew’s diverse talent has paved the way for a number of prestigious stage parts. In 2008, Andrew played the title role in Arthur Miller’s critically acclaimed play The Man Who Had All the Luck, at the Donmar Warehouse, directed by Sean Holmes and his other theatre work includes the role of ‘Mercutio’ in the Royal Exchange’s production of Romeo and Juliet and ‘Bolingbroke’ in Richard II, Michael Grandage’s final play at the Donmar, opposite Eddie Redmayne in 2011.

In 2009, Andrew appeared in Nowhere Boy, Sam Taylor-Wood’s feature film starring Anne-Marie Duff and Kristin Scott Thomas, which chronicles the childhood of John Lennon. Also in 2009, Andrew also wrote, produced and directed his first short film entitled Bear That Broke. In 2013, he starred as ‘Jack’ in Sam Hoare’s comedy-drama feature Having You, opposite Anna Friel, and in the same year, appeared in Still Life opposite Eddie Marsan.

Andrew’s newly formed Production Company “Redcan” is currently developing 1946, a comedy drama speculating on the post-war life of James Stewart, written and directed by Robert Ford.

Andrew’s bio - Sundance: The Honorable Woman

even better and more comprehensive than BBC’s!

Sundance clearly know their stuff!!!

The Honorable Woman begins on Sundance this Thursday 31st July

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Andy, Jodie and David being interviewed (by RadioTimes!!) on the BAFTA red carpet in May …

.. and mostly talking about Broadchurch series 2!

omg that Jodie Whittaker is crackers… and Andy is just lovely :)

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BAFTA Television Awards Red Carpet - 2014

Nodding, gesticulating, grinning and just laughing at Jodie all the time…. :D

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The Honourable Woman: half-time report

What the Twitter & Blog-sphere fans think:

Best thing on TV currently: #TheHonourableWoman What a brilliant and versatile actor Andrew Buchan is. Different in every role. #GreatDrama

Amazing acting in #TheHonourableWoman from @mgyllenhaal Andrew Buchan, Janet McTeer, Eve Best, Stephen Rea.

@mgyllenhaal Andrew Buchan, Janet McTeer , Eve Best are giving amazing performances in #TheHonourableWoman ! A must watch!

Really into its stride now. Andrew Buchan & Janet McTeer superb. #HonourableWoman

Andrew Buchan was wasted on Broadchurch.

in other news, Andrew Buchan still a hotass no matter how little sense the plot makes.

I fancy Andrew Buchan I don’t care if he’s 35

Remember that programme ‘The Fixer’ that Andrew Buchan was in. That was rather good too.

the performances of Gyllenhaal and Azabal  shine like beacons in blackness. Even Andrew Buchan struggles to match them. These are peerless performances in a programme that is rapidly pulling ahead of the pack. Cultbox


Andrew Buchan is adorable

@BBCTwo @mgyllenhaal @TobiasMenzies + Andrew Buchan are so good in this brilliant show of yours. @BAFTA give them all noms next year !

Amid very strong competition, I think Andrew Buchan is winning the Manic Silent Staring Competition so far. #honourablewoman


Andrew Buchan after that hot kitchen scene. :-)

Andrew Buchan is so great. #TheHonourableWoman


TV review:The Stage via @twitterapi “cast is equally impressive, particularly Andrew Buchan

I have loved Andrew Buchan in everything he’s been in so far! I can’t wait for this weeks episode :o)

The Honourable Woman  via @AvoidingSilenceAndrew Buchan, who plays Ephra, merits a reference.” :)

one of my fave English actors also appears ….. AndrewBuchan

The ever-excellent Andrew Buchan plays Ephra,… Buchan’s nuanced performance promises much moving forward. assortedbuffery

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Welcoming Mazel

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Posted at 9:00 PM 25 July 2014

Running, roaring, climbing - action man! :D

When one series ends, another begins!

We’re very lucky fans this year!!

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Though if you do want 80 guests, I hope to God you know more people than I do!

YES!!! :D

[Having You is showing on SkyMovies Showcase currently - and your mod has finally updated our Having You page! Enjoy!!]

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The Ribbon Cutter, The Honourable Woman - BBC Two


Following Ephra’s questions and the revelations at the end of episode 3, it’s no surprise that episode 4 will take us back to what happened to Nessa and Atika.

It’s difficult to watch, but it’s absolutely necessary…. says Alison Graham


Tonight - 9:00pm BBCTwo

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Now that’s what I call properly negative! Well done!

In time-honoured fashion I’ll say: her private life’s her own business….


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Still Life



With only his second film as director, Italian filmmaker Uberto Pasolini has produced an exquisite character study of a man we never actually meet. With Still Life, Pasolini presents a story that seems so serene and simple on the surface, yet offers so much more in its exploration of themes such as friendship, memory and death. Furthermore, the film examines the lasting implications – both…

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And what about Andrew’s role? Is there more than was shown in the trailer?
 just two more scenes—and he plays multo unsimpatico (must have been fun…) 
efficient smug bureaucrat with horrible hair…(the parting doesn’t suit him at all) 
a comedic caricature he so wants to play… with a really irritating voice!
definitely not a man in crisis (and he underplays it suitably)
Thanks to Andrea for this review! :)
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Indeed! Summer is sorted…… :D

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Posted at 1:46 PM 22 July 2014


We must wonder why Ephra (brilliant Andrew Buchan) seems so detached and remote, particularly from his febrile wife - pondered Alison Graham.

Indeed we must! For while Ephra appears to be both warm in his manner towards his children and quick to hold or pick them up

his apparent physical reticence or aversion towards Rachel seems obvious.

From avoiding looking at her (until her words force him to respond); to maintaining a distinct physical distance from her (whether sitting at a table, in the car, or in bed), he even offers no obvious solace when she is traumatised by the attack at the lunch. His only response to her appears to be intoning “Rachel!” with either surprise or disdain.


To date there have been no instances where he has reached to her.

But then, Rachel appears to accept this too. She maintains her distance by turning away from him in bed,image

or just observing his strange behaviour, such as prying on Atika in the bathroom, without comment.

Her one success was to reach and squeeze his hand when his father’s assassination was mentioned, though this was quickly rebuffed.


Then she stepped towards Ephra to seek his agreement concerning sharing Atika’s secret - but this too was denied by his closed body language.


When he has to be near her he maintains this closed posture - even crossing his legs (! - very unusual for Andy).


Despite this, Rachel can take the upper hand when necessary, and box Ephra into a corner, both verbally and physically, to get her own way.


However, even when alone, Ephra sits with crossed legs, keeping himself enclosed.


And his greeting embraces with both Schlomo and Nessa show some reticence too.


In contrast, his exchanges with Atika show more warmth, concern and submission. He still maintains his distance, typically with hands in pockets and enigmatic gaze. However, she knows how to force his hand


and engage him physically!


All in all a rather marvellous characterisation - with a physical transformation such as we have come to expect.

Oh yes - brilliant Andrew Buchan!

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And recently…..

…. Andrew has continued to feature in tv guides and magazines:

RadioTimes w/b 28/6


RadioTimes - w/b 12/7


In Grazia magazine’s Chart of Lust:


Prompting this tweet from a friend: In Grazia magazine terms this is on par with a Nobel Peace Prize. He’ll be knighted soon.. xxx

To which Amy responded: ah.. I love it!!

:D [It’s not just me then…. ]

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Ephra: Leave her alone….stay away from my sister!

Monica: It’s my job - keeping secrets. Yours is perfectly safe!


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What happened when you were kidnapped? What happened to Kasim’s father?

Is Kasim mine? Then whose is he?

Who is Kasim’s father?

Ephra nails (nearly) all the questions….

For some possible answers go here.

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