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Abroad (TV Movie 2010)

Watch the beginning (14 mins) here.

And now available from TrueTVMovies too!!  

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Posted at 9:00 PM 20 October 2014

Now that Broadchurch s2 filming has wrapped, it seems appropriate to look back at one of the awards received by Broadchurch s1 earlier this year (18/3/14) - RTS Drama Serial

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Posted at 9:00 PM 19 October 2014

The Great Fire: Episode 1

Available on ITVplayer for 4 weeks.



like a 17th-century Spider-Man [X]

Andrew Buchan & Rose Leslie shine [X]

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Posted at 9:00 PM 18 October 2014

Andrew Buchan and Rose Leslie on the set of The Great Fire 

- The forbidden love story

Watch the full video.

(Source: roselesliesource)

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Posted at 9:00 PM 17 October 2014

The Great Fire's Andrew Buchan: 'This is the most horrifying tale ever'

Another interesting and informative interview ahead of The Great Fire.


Read more variations on the same theme:

Western Morning News: Broadchurch’s Andrew Buchan on filming The Great Fire

Irish Mirror: The Great Fire….

London Evening Standard: London’s Burning…

What’s On TV: Broadchurch star Andrew Buchan….

The Lady:  “a hero, played by smart, handsome devil Andrew Buchan…”



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Posted at 9:00 PM 16 October 2014

The Great Fire Episode 1 | presscentre

The (lengthy and SPOILERY!) synopsis of the first episode of The Great Fire

and the RadioTimes version - with the ever-splendid Andrew Buchan!

Watch tonight at 9:00pm ITV




(Source: roselesliesource)

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Posted at 6:36 PM 16 October 2014

Don’t leave the oven on - Interview with Andy




..a quite bizarre interview with Andy in his fave shirt…. :D

Non-UK fans can see the video & read about this interview here.



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Posted at 10:14 AM 16 October 2014

The Great Fire - Sneak preview (official!)

Or - “Running, roaring, climbing ACTION MAN!

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Posted at 9:00 PM 15 October 2014

Interview with Tom Bradby - writer of The Great Fire

talking about the history and politics behind the series and how brilliant an actor Andrew is! (4.00)

Tom points out that there is very little to go on, historically, with Thomas Farriner the baker, “so I’m largely creating him as a character”. Tom made the decision to cast Farriner as the “emotional heart of the story”, and he is clearly pleased with Andrew Buchan’s portrayal, enthusing that he has the same quality as Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s as big a star internationally as both of those one day”. Rebecca Rideal



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Posted at 4:45 PM 15 October 2014

The Great Fire - the love story!!!!

Andy and Rose get on well together…..

Woot!! Brilliant find - Thanks Andrea :)


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Posted at 9:00 PM 14 October 2014

The Great Fire interviews on set with Andy and Danny


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Posted at 10:42 AM 14 October 2014

Update from the mod: Annual Report of ABF - Oct 2014 (2)

[This follows Part1]

Just a year ago Andrew was in the final weeks of filming The Honourable Woman and, as usual, we were wondering what would follow……

Well, it was February when we found out about 1946 – a short film featuring Andrew as Hollywood actor James Stewart and as producer! 


The stills and filming photos look stunning – even in b&w; the soundtrack is haunting; and a sample of the dialogue found (and then hastily deleted) on tumblr was amazing! Prompting fan followingyourbliss to tag:

oh man, oh Andy, that is some freaky channelling of Jimmy Stewart there

Months later we found out that 1946 was the first project of new production company Redcan Films, whose two directors are Robert Redford (writer/director- a different one) and a certain….. Andrew Buchan! 

In early March it was announced that Andrew was playing the lead role in The Great Fire – which started filming immediately. Unlike most of Andrew’s projects, the promotion for this started immediately too – providing tantalising glimpses and video footage of the filming


in time for the MIPTV market in Cannes in early April – which Andrew attended! Not for The Great Fire but for The Honourable Woman.

Some beautiful photos appeared ……



Thus started a summer of promotion!

Gradually more videos and photos were released, including this beauty:


As expected The Honourable Woman was a critical success both in UK and the US, and continues to attract rave reviews around the world.

Andrew’s performance was widely praised and appreciated - even his Hebrew was flawless.  And… despite the bleak, emotional and, at times, horrific scenes, we also got to see him happy, funny, sexy and naked.


In early July ahead of the opening episode of THW, one of Andrew’s best ever interviews appeared in The Guardian .  Even his friends and colleagues were well impressed:

Chris Chibnall: Lovely interview with one of my favourite people.

Becky Bainbridge: oh he’s such a lovely fellow xx

 @mancdwarf Cracking interview with an old mate. Sadly it’s true. He is a Liverpool fan.

As ever, with such interviews, in amongst the inevitable revelations about whichever latest work is being promoted, Andrew always reveals some other tidbits about himself, his background, his feelings or his philosophy of life. This summer’s quotes include:

I love going unnoticed

I think we’ve known this for some time! Sometimes his mistaken identity is deliberate: At SouthBankSkyArts awards photos were captioned: Jodie Whittaker & guest.


From Jodie’s expression, I suspect that was Andrew’s call!

On another occasion he was spotted out shopping with Amy. Someone later tweeted: Ooh Amy Nuttall and Neil Buchan came to visit my little shop today, excitement! (Neil is his middle name!)

Sometimes it is genuinely mistaken. Though I can’t believe he welcomed these failures from co-actors: Maggie Gyllenhaal:


Andy Buchanan and me [X]

and Danny Mays referring to him as Andy Buckham in an early promo video for The Great Fire.

He really shouldn’t be wary of being spotted in public, because in virtually every encounter (and near-encounter), he excites swooning, praise or admiration:

I’m sitting within earshot of the dad from ‘Broadchurch’. He’s doing a series of interviews. He seems a nice, intelligent, likeable man. Will I be bold and speak to him? Tell him I was riveted throughout the series? Probably not – comedian Mark Watson

Actor Andrew Buchan walked past as I was eating lunch with a friend. How I didn’t fall off my seat I don’t know. #crush #composure - X

Exciting to see Mr Tennant, Arthur Darvill, Jodie Whitaker but mostly Andy Buchan - one of a handful of lads who did ML in my yr at Durham. - X

So Douglas Henshall, Kenneth Granham & my personal favourite Andrew Buchan in the audience for the final performance of #AViewFromTheBridge- X

Altogether Andy was spotted 27 times in public this year (compared with 30 last year and just 5 the year before!)

Having done a good nine years of darkness, I’m ready for comedy

I concur!!

Very little gets offered to me.

I like to audition, I like to earn my place. I’m always a bit wary of getting a job without an audition. I’m like, ‘You don’t know me, I might ruin it and completely balls it up’.

I keep that bit private 

Andrew mostly avoids discussion about Amy, but occasionally he gets caught out. Last year he was nobbled during a live tv interview. This year he attended the press night for All the Sons, in which Amy was playing a leading role – resulting in some lovely, though unexpected photos!


So, what can we look forward to?

- The Great Fire starts on Thursday 16th October…..!!

- 46 is set to appear at Austin Film Festival later this month too. Hopefully a fan will see it and provide a review!

- Broadchurch series 2 is expected early next year.

- and another short film is being planned!

Then there’ll be all the awards for The Honourable Woman……. :D


….. ABF now has an archive of 1700+ different posts, 23 themed pages and 252 followers, as well as other non-tumblr fans and friends. Many, many thanks to you all – with special mentions to lilulicailywela, & liathgorn for their continuing tumblr obsession; to Firefly and Pamela for their comments and contributions….

.. and especially to Andrea for all the help! I couldn’t manage this without you.

As ever, an extra special thank you to Amy for enduring my tweets, replying 15 times and retweeting 2 more. You are a truly lovely person. XX 

Your mod – demurely1 


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Posted at 9:00 PM 13 October 2014

Update from the mod: Annual Report of ABF - Oct 2014 (1)

So…. here we are again! The third year of my guardianship of Andrew Buchan Fansite and what a year it’s been for our man! After two years of what seemed like famine, the past year has seen a feast of publicity and promotion for Andrew ….. with the promise of more to come!!

Thanks to the continuing success of Broadchurch, this has been very much the year of the award ceremonies. It started with a bang, when Andrew picked up Best Supporting Actor Dagger at the CrimeThriller awards. He wasn’t able to attend the ceremony but made a video thank you speech.


He didn’t disappoint!

At the time we thought his absence and his beard might be related to The Honourable Woman filming which was still on-going.

But….. he was clean-shaven throughout THW, so his whereabouts in the video are something of a mystery.

Andrew did appear at other award ceremonies though – usually alongside ‘wife’ Jodie Whittaker, and other Broadchurch cast members – and thus providing us with lots of public sightings and many lovely pictures – both from official photographers:


SouthBankSkyArtsAwards;       RTSAwards;            NTAwards

and from other Broadchurch cast and crew:


As usual, the awards season culminated with the BAFTAs – and Broadchurch didn’t disappoint – winning Best Drama series, Best Actress (Olivia Colman) and Best Supporting Actor (David Bradley)!


Andrew was clearly very happy and relaxed on the BAFTA red carpet with Jodie


…. and the event was used to reveal that, after a year of speculation (and denial!), they would both appear in Broadchurch series 2.

Of course, we can look back now and recognise all the clues:


TVTimes had announced it in the autumn; then Andrew had appeared with Olivia and Chris Chibnall at the RadioTimes Covers party (perhaps, because David Tennant was busy filming Gracepoint); then there was that amazing RadioTimes photo-feature interview with Jodie in the spring:


Followed by the special BAFTA-sponsored RadioTimes insert including photos and interview.

At the time I found all this attention so ironic – especially given my frustration a year earlier – when RadioTimes had refused to acknowledge that Andy and Jodie were leading cast members in the much vaunted Broadchurch!! (However, I guess they’ve redressed the balance this year having already featured Andrew ten times, including a superb in-depth interview this week ahead of The Great Fire – and hopefully with more to come too!)

Just days after the confessions on the BAFTA red carpet, it was confirmed at the Broadchurch series2 cast read-through!


… and, of course, filming wrapped only days ago.

Another legacy of the Broadchurch success story has been Andrew’s continuing recognition by BAFTA. Last year’s invitation to present an award (alongside Jodie), was added to with this year’s extraordinary BAFTA photo shoot:


As well as a rather marvellous ‘60 seconds with….’ Q&A video which confirmed both what we knew about Andrew’s commitment to the acting process and his sense of humour and revealed just how happy he is with life in general!


Q: What advice would you give to your sixteen-year-old self?

A: Haha …. carry on, carry on… you were, as you were!!!!

Absolutely gorgeous! Despite still recovering from Great Fire bronchitis….

At the time I wondered if BAFTA’s interest was to assuage their shame after failing to nominate him (and Jodie) this year. Others agreed:

How on earth did Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whitaker both get snubbed from BAFTA nominations for Broadchurch?! They were both outstanding! He created such a real character, you could imagine walking past Mark Latimer in the street. Best TV performance of 2013 for me. X

Amy replied: couldn’t agree more!! so sad. He never gets recognised and he’s SO wonderful.

Andrew may not be on Twitter, but Amy always fights his corner!

Andrew himself has remarked on how surprised all the cast have been by Broadchurch's success - not just in UK but around the world. 

It has certainly provided Andrew with the recognition we feel he deserves! And hopefully will lead to more and more opportunities!

(Part 2 to follow)

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Posted at 9:01 PM 12 October 2014

Final days of Broadchurch s2 filming this week - at the scene of Danny Latimer’s death on the cliffs near West Bay.

Andrew and many other familiar cast members visible in the first two pix - but don’t bother with DailyFail's version of events - they mistake Matthew Gravelle for David Tennant!!

It all finished with a whole cast & crew photo!

- with Andy still chatting away to Jodie….. :D

(Source: Daily Mail)

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Posted at 9:00 PM 11 October 2014

WOW! Three-page interview feature in RadioTimes this week ahead of The Great Fire  !!!

by Zoe Williams - the same interviewer of that pre-BAFTA spread, of which I was rather scathing. But THIS is rather brilliant by comparison - revealing lots of information and an appreciation of Andrew that accords very much more closely with my view of him!

So…. why did I love this?

- how different Buchan is in real life: puckish, self-parodying, parodying everyone else, often funny for reasons I don’t understand and couldn’t describe….

- like an older brother: arch, clever, always sniffing the air for comic potential, put on earth to yank everyone’s chain all day long

- “Yes, it’s one step to Bond. I can roof leap. That should already be on my CV.”

- He won’t talk about that [his marriage] at all. Indeed he practically breaks into a mime to indicate how ardently he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

- he’s got short-story sensibility and can describe moments and feelings with small thrown-away details that take you right to the heart of them.

   eg. “I was there, in a waistcoat, with a dream come true.”

- He isn’t an actor who seems to panic when he’s got nothing on the horizon (he might even be unique in his mellowness about it).

- After Broadchurch [s2] …he’ll spend a few months making a short film.

- “The roles you want always change; you do something and you want to do something opposite….”

- “And I think,’You think that’s all I want to do.’”

- He’s on a mission to cover the full spectrum of human nature; if we haven’t seen his funny side yet, I think we definitely will.

Thank you, Zoe Williams!

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Posted at 9:00 PM 10 October 2014